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Strategy Planning Professional (SPP)



The Strategy Planning Professional (SPP) Training is a comprehensive 5-day program designed to equip participants with the essential knowledge, skills, and tools required to excel in strategic planning within organizations. This training will provide a deep understanding of the strategic planning process, enabling participants to develop and implement effective strategies that align with organizational goals and drive sustainable success.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand Strategic Planning Fundamentals

  • Analyze Business Environment

  • Develop Clear Vision and Mission Statements

  • Set SMART Objectives

  • Conduct SWOT Analysis

  • Formulate Effective Strategies

  • Allocate Resources Strategically

  • Implement and Monitor Strategies

  • Adapt to Changes

  • Communicate and Align

Targeted Audience:

  • Mid to Senior-level Managers

  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

  • Consultants and Advisors

  • Professionals Transitioning to Strategic Roles

Course Outlines:

Unit1: Foundations of Strategic Planning

  • Introduction to Strategic Planning

  • Importance and Benefits of Effective Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Planning Process Overview

  • Environmental Analysis: Internal and External Factors

Unit 2: Crafting Strategic Direction

  • Defining Vision and Mission Statements

  • Establishing Organizational Values

  • Setting Strategic Goals and Objectives

  • Introduction to SWOT Analysis

Unit 3: Strategy Formulation

  • SWOT Analysis in Detail

  • Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies

  • Competitive Advantage and Differentiation

  • Strategy Selection and Evaluation

Unit 4: Strategy Implementation

  • Resource Allocation and Budgeting

  • Creating Action Plans

  • Change Management in Strategy Execution

  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Unit 5: Monitoring and Adaptation

  • Performance Measurement and Monitoring

  • Identifying Strategic Performance Issues

  • Adapting Strategies to Changing Situations

  • Communication and Alignment of Strategies

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