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Supply Market Analysis



You will receive the supply market analysis tools, resources, and best practices you need to comprehend the market in which suppliers operate by taking this highly interactive GLOMACS Supply Market Analysis training course. The industry of your supplier is revealed through a supply market analysis study.

Organizations can use the analysis to gain a thorough understanding of the major trends, market participants, and market dynamics that may have an impact on how the commodity strategy is developed, such as the route to market and letting strategy. Supply Market Analysis considerably lowers overall procurement costs and gives an organization a competitive edge in the market.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Find strategies to influence markets to significantly enhance cost, value, and risk.
  • Utilize market information to increase the value of deals
  • Develop your knowledge of market forces and economics
  • Utilize market expertise to show commercial savvy and instill confidence when negotiating with suppliers about purchases.

Targeted Audience

  • Contracts, Purchasing, and Procurement Personnel
  • Project, Engineering, Operational, and Maintenance, personnel who are involved in the planning, and execution of purchases and contracts
  • All involved in the acquisition of materials, equipment, and services and who are in organizations whose leadership want high levels of competency in those involved in these activities

Course outline

Unit 1: Understanding how Typical Markets Operate on a National and International Basis

  • Supplier Strategy
  • The Coordination Strategy
  • The Purchasing Organization
  • Vertical Integration
  • Alliances and Partnerships
  • Developing Knowledge of Market Economics and Market Drivers

Unit 2: Factors Impacting Supply and How they Affect Bargaining Power

  • What is the goal of Supply?
  • Developing the Strategic Supply Plan
  • An Overview of the Supply Process
  • Procurement as Part of the Supply Chain


Unit 3: Identifying Suppliers Offering Competitive Advantage and Value

  • IT Systems and e-Procurement
  • Make / Buy Decision
  • Addressing Quality Issues
  • Overdue Orders
  • The Payment Process


Unit 4: Manipulating Markets to Deliver Significant Cost, Value and/or Risk Improvement to the Business

  • Identifying The Lowest Cost Supplier
  • Supplier Performance Measurement
  • Selecting The Most Appropriate Ordering Process
  • Policies and Procedures

Unit 5: Conducting Structured Assessment of the Current and Future Market Trends

  • Supplier Involvement
  • Value Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Supplier Selection
  • Supplier Rating and Ranking
  • Contract Management

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