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Sustainable Finance



In the 21st-century business world, responsible organizations can no longer simply pay lip service to key global sustainability challenges like climate change, resource exhaustion, and inequality; investors and key stakeholders expect them to engage and actively manage the organization's impact in these areas. This leading-edge Sustainable Finance training course will provide you with the fundamental principles and the relevant tools and insights you will need to help your organization develop a sustainable approach to finance that will address these challenges and create value for the organization, as well as its stakeholders and wider society.

The Sustainable Finance training course will examine the practice, trends, and opportunities in current financial systems and analyze the impact on business strategy of the major social and environmental challenges facing organizations of all types. Delegates will be empowered to unlock and apply an innovative new approach to developing more sustainable business models for their organizations.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Master the aims and principles of sustainable finance
  • Understand key environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues
  • Identify the impact on business and financial strategy
  • Develop meaningful tools for sustainable finance reporting
  • Build financial models to assess sustainable finance and other risks

Targeted Audience:

  • Financial reporting team members
  • Strategy team members
  • Risk management professionals
  • Finance managers
  • Budget managers
  • Commercial managers
  • Capital investment and project team members

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Sustainable Finance

  • Principles and foundation of sustainable finance
  • Environmental issues and concerns
  • Social issues and concerns
  • Governance issues and concerns
  • Ethical issues and concerns
  • Defining organizational scope for sustainable finance

Unit 2: Sustainable Strategic Management

  • Concepts of stakeholder value
  • The purpose of competitive companies
  • Principles and practice in corporate governance
  • Redefining competitive business strategy
  • Understanding business models and their disruption
  • Identifying key success factors
  • Using strategy maps to identify key performance indicators

Unit 3: Accounting and Reporting Sustainable Finance

  • The traditional financial analysis toolkit
  • Conventional measures of stakeholder value
  • Selecting the right key performance measures
  • Designing internal reports on sustainable finance
  • Principles of Integrated Reporting

Unit 4: Business Investment and Sustainable Finance

  • The challenges of sustainable investment
  • Scenarios for business model reinvention
  • Key decision factors for sustainable financial investment
  • Traditional tools of investment appraisal
  • Factoring in the environmental and social dimension
  • Limitations of conventional investment appraisal methods

Unit 5: Risk and Scope of Sustainable Finance

  • Traditional approaches to understanding business risk
  • Risk aspects from a sustainable finance perspective
  • Sustainable finance developments in banking
  • Sustainable finance developments in financial investments
  • Financial modeling of risk under sustainable finance conditions
  • The way forward in sustainable finance

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