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Sustainable Finance



In the corporate world of the twenty-first century, ethical firms must actively manage their influence on important global sustainability issues like climate change, resource depletion, and inequality. Investors and other key stakeholders expect this of them. This cutting-edge training program in sustainable finance will give you the fundamental concepts, useful tools, and insider knowledge you need to assist your organization in creating a sustainable approach to finance that will address these issues and benefit the organization, its stakeholders, and larger society.

The Sustainable Finance training course will study the present financial systems' practices, trends, and opportunities as well as the effects of these issues on business strategy for firms of all sizes. Delegates will be given the tools they need to discover and use a novel new strategy for creating more sustainable business models for their organizations.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Learn the goals and tenets of sustainable finance.
  • Recognize the most important environmental, social, and governance (ESG) challenges.
  • Impact on business and financial strategy to be identified
  • Create useful tools for reporting on sustainable financing
  • Create financial models to evaluate other risks and sustainable funding

Targeted Audience

  • Financial reporting team members
  • Strategy team members
  • Risk management professionals
  • Finance managers
  • Budget managers
  • Commercial managers
  • Capital investment and project team members

Course Outline

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Sustainable Finance

  • Principles and foundation of sustainable finance
  • Environmental problems and worries
  • Social problems and worries
  • Concerns and problems with governance
  • Concerns and issues of ethics
  • Organizational scope for sustainable finance definition

Unit 2: Sustainable Strategic Management

  • Stakeholder value theories
  • The goal of competitive businesses
  • corporate governance principles and practices
  • Competitive business strategy redefined
  • Understanding the disruption of business models
  • Finding important success factors
  • Identification of critical performance metrics using strategy maps

Unit 3: Accounting and Reporting Sustainable Finance

  • The standard toolbox for financial analysis
  • Standard stakeholder value metrics
  • choosing the appropriate key performance measures
  • creating internal financial sustainability reports
  • Integrated Reporting (IR) Principles

Unit 4: Business Investment and Sustainable Finance

  • Investment challenges for sustainability
  • scenarios for changing business models
  • Important criteria in making sustainable financial investments
  • traditional investment appraisal methods
  • Taking into account the social and environmental aspects
  • Constraints of traditional investment appraisal techniques

Unit 5: Risk and Scope of Sustainable Finance

  • Traditional approaches to understanding business risk
  • Risk aspects from a sustainable finance perspective
  • Sustainable finance developments in banking
  • Sustainable finance developments in financial investments
  • Financial modelling of risk under sustainable finance conditions
  • The way forward in sustainable finance

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