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Tax and Revenue Management



The Tax and Revenue Management training program imparts essential skills for effective tax administration and revenue optimization. Participants learn to navigate tax laws, enhance revenue collection processes, and maximize financial performance.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will learn about:

  • Make a differentiation between various tax, structural, and regulatory sources.

  • Recognize the intricate structure of tax and revenue management.

  • Recognize the risks involved in selecting your company's structure and how it may affect your tax situation.

  • Recognize the difficulties in financing ongoing operations and planning taxes

  • Link financial statement analysis to proactive tax planning

Targeted Audience:

  • Managers and corporate leaders at all levels, both current and prospective.

  • Employees in charge of planning and directing strategic financial operations.

  • Public or private sector team leaders.

  • Employees in charge of financial controls.

  • Managers who are not in finance but have financial obligations.

Program Outline:

Unit 1:

Tax rates, Structure and Origin of Regulations:

  • The significance of taxes in business choices.

  • Different Forms of Taxes.

  • Basic Tax Principles.

  • sources for tax laws.

  • Important Tax Law Principles and Ideas.

Unit 2:

Understanding the Framework of Strategic Tax Planning:

  • Identifying the SAVANT framework: Strategy, Anticipation, Value-Adding, Negotiating, Transforming.

  • Choosing a Legal Entity: Tax Management, Risk Management, and Capital Raising.

  • SAVANT Application to Entity Selection: Specialized Legal Forms.

  • Operating the business, making tax decisions, and developing new products and improving existing products.

Unit 3:

Tax and Revenue Management: Operating the Firm:

  • Tax planning for businesses and employees.

  • Market penetration: conducting business in various nations.

  • Tax planning and funding for ongoing operations.

  • Analysis of financial statements and proactive tax preparation.

  • Case study discussions.

Unit 4:

Tax Management and Changing the Original Form of the Company:

  • Analyzing different cases of Restructuring:

    • Financial , Business, and Legal Entity Restructuring.

    •  Divestitures.

    • Selling Off Parts of the Business.

    • Selling a Business to an Outside Entity.

  • Analyzing different cases of Merger and Acquisition:

    • Some General Tax Rules.

    • Tax Free Mergers and Acquisitions.

    • Statutory Mergers and Consolidations.

    • Taxable Mergers and Acquisitions.

Unit 5:

Tax and Revenue Management for Multinational Corporations: Trends and Challenges:

  • Tax and Revenue Management strategies, namely:

    • The use of flow-through entities for divestitures.

    • The use of flow-through entities for acquisitions.

    • Liquidations of a subsidiary.

    • The sale of a subsidiary.

    • Bankruptcies.

  • New trends and challenges in today's economies.

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