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The American Integrated Approach



Statistics shows that sales employees tend to deal with clients whom they had a character that is similar to their own character; the sales figures for the mentioned clients are higher and even the periodicity are higher; after a while this will result in weaknesses in sales performance and may leave the market opened for competitors.

American companies had realized the above-mentioned fact, so they cooperate with consulting centers to develop an integrated solution that provide an approach to solve the sales issue and to facilitate the development of sales channels, this approach is also provide an effective technique to improve the communication channels with the clients.

Course Objectives:

At the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the Sales Representative.
  • Gain the skill of generating new customers.
  • Acquire the skills of prioritizing clients.
  • Gain negotiation skills.
  • Acquisition of telephone and face-to-face sales skills.
  • Gain persuasion skills.
  • Enhanced the skill of closing the deals.
  • Follow up on the client after closing the deal.


Target Audience:

  • The sales team specialized in selling.
  • Sales officials and supervisors.
  • Marketing officials
  • Public Relations Officers.
  • Coordination officials.
  • The person, who finds himself in need of this course and wants to develop their skills

Sales Channels Development Approach:

This solution is provided as integrated package that work in harmony to develop the sales channels through the following procedure:


Unit 1:

Special training for the sales team to be able to distinguish between the four different colors of clients.

Unit 2:

Identify the color category for each one of the sales team, and develop their abilities to deal with other colors categories.

Unit 3:

Special coaching for the sales management and supervisors and for the marketing management to apply the previous technique within the sales team, and to provide coaching and consulting specific hours to insure the right application of this approach.

Unit 4:

Update the customer relationship management program (if available) to contain the coloring system profiling, or building a client card template.

Unit 5:

Special training for the CRM team to be able to distinguish the client color type through over the phone.

Successful Stories:

We had applied this program successfully in many enterprises in different segments, FMCG firms, distribution companies, communication, pharmaceutical, and direct sales companies.

The result where a direct increase in sales, we could reach a 27% increase in one firm within one year, and we could categorize the benefits of this solution according to the following points:

  • Direct increase in Sales.
  • Improvement in self-confident for the sales team.
  • Increase in the level of coordination between the sales team, the CRM team, and the marketing team.
  • Increase in the level of client’s satisfaction, and the client’s loyalty. 

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