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The Art of Storytelling for Professionals



As a leader, you are required to develop a commitment among your team members so that they perform at a high level, work together toward shared objectives, and collaborate with one another. Storytelling is one of the best things you can use to help you do this.

Employees are emotionally moved by stories, which paint in their minds and hearts evocative images that will stick with them long after charts and data have faded from memory. It enables leaders to inspire and direct people by combining reason and emotion. People will gain an understanding of their motivations—the reasons behind their actions—and how to take action to achieve their goals through storytelling (their strategy).

You will learn how to make a compelling and convincing tale about yourself, your business, or your brand in this course. You'll discover how using stories may aid in company culture development and strengthening, employee opinion gathering regarding new policies, and customer perception analysis. Additionally, you'll develop your listening skills and assist others in telling engaging stories.

In the course From Public Narrative to Leadership, participants will develop their ability to put their own values, beliefs, and leadership methods into practice.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan your story and define its parameters.
  • Using the public narrative framework, they can better their ability to lead others.
  • Create a public story for them.
  • Make use of their communication abilities to interest and persuade their audience.
  • tie their own story to that of their business to provide a compelling call to action.
  • Deliver a public narrative that combines a self-story, a tale about ourselves, and a story about the present.

Targeted Audience

  • Employees, managers, and others looking to develop their leadership, public speaking, and communication abilities both on and off the job.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Storytelling and public narrative

  • Definitions and keywords
  • Scope and applicability
  • The science of storytelling
  • The 4 types of stories in business
    • Triumph
    • Tragedy
    • Tension
    • Transition
  • How to plan, and construct your stories

Unit 2: Storytelling as a practice of leadership

  • The role of story in organizations
  • Four key elements of storytelling
    • Style
    • Truth
    • Preparation
    • Delivery
  • Motivate others to action
  • Build trust
  • Build your brand
  • Transmit your values
  • Share knowledge
  • Create and share your vision
  • Neutralize Gossip and rumors

Unit 3: Storytelling and public narrative design

  • Narratives versus stories
  • The three elements of a story: Plot, character, moral
  • The building blocks of storytelling
  • Translating our values into actions
  • Aspiration not desperation
  • Portrait versus landscape
  • Storytelling with data

Unit 4: Genuine and authentic communication

  • How to be genuine and authentic
  • Introduction to communication
  • Communication levels and definitions
  • Principles of genuine and authentic communication
  • The 4 trends of communication
  • Building and instilling credibility
  • Tearing down walls with effective communication

Unit 5: Public speaking and storytelling

  • 3 worst ways to start a story
  • 3 best ways to start a story
  • 3 worst ways to end a story
  • 3 best ways to end a story
  • Types of plot structures
  • Body language
    • Posture, hands and feet
    • Eye contact and facial expressions
  • Tell your story

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