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The Authentic of Leadership



The Authentic Leadership training program focuses on nurturing genuine leadership qualities rooted in honesty, integrity, and self-awareness. Participants engage in experiential learning activities designed to cultivate their authentic leadership style, emphasizing the importance of transparency, empathy, and ethical decision-making.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Get the skills necessary to manage and supervise the establishment and upkeep of the organizational mission, vision, and values in their specific organizations.

  • Promote understanding of the supervision and management of coordinating operational reality with strategic planning.

  • Learn how to integrate the administration of mutually agreeable employee-driven value systems into the organizational culture.

  • Guarantee the accomplishment of your organization's main goals, learn, and put into practice effective strategies for consistently eliminating nepotism and polarization inside the workplace.

  • Learn to recognize and prevent typical mistakes while examining real-world applications that are already in existence.

  • Gain knowledge of the Authentic Leadership methodology's concepts, procedure, and protocol as well as its potential and influence.

  • Show an awareness of the key sources of the Authentic Leadership methodology and how it is applied to improve value extraction while streamlining organizational efficiency.

Targeted Audience:

  • Business executives and leaders.

  • Managers and supervisors.

  • HR professionals.

  • Team leaders and project managers.

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners.

  • Leadership trainers and coaches.

  • Organizational development specialists.

  • Non-profit leaders and managers.

  • Government officials and managers.

Program Outlines: 

Unit 1:


  • History and Philosophy.

  • Approach and Principles.

  • Benefits Overview.

  • Unit Introduction.

Unit 2:

Self Awareness:

  • Ideology of the Self.

  • Individuality and Character.

  • Emotional Intelligence.

  • Self-Evaluation.

  • Self-Awareness Practices.

Unit 3:

Leading With Heart:

  • Compassionate Leadership.

  • Listening Skills and Feedback.

  • Emotional Perception.

  • Leadership Traits.

  • Cultivating Leadership Capabilities.

Unit 4:


  • Honesty and Trustworthiness.

  • Reliability and Accountability.

  • Visionary Leadership.

  • Ethics and Diversity.

  • Innovation and Creativity.

Unit 5:


  • Decision-Making Processes.

  • Honest Communication.

  • Setting Standards.

  • Employee-employer Relations.

  • Stability and Management Strategies.

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