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The Influential Leader



Any effective leader is aware of their own strengths and shortcomings and is able to establish solid, potent connections with customers and other people in order to leverage commercial success. The main topics covered in this training program, The Influential Leader, will be self-awareness and the ability to influence others in order to build trusting working relationships that will support long-term corporate growth. Understanding and putting into practice these essential skills can help you advance your professional leadership and strengthen your position as an inspiring leader who has sway over others.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the contrasts between management and leadership, and be conscious of your own self-awareness.
  • Recognize your own self-imposed limitations, develop your self-awareness, and learn how to deal with any problems that arise as a result of this knowledge.
  • Utilize methods to deepen your understanding of yourself to increase your capacity for interpersonal involvement.
  • Employ influencing strategies to create and maintain fruitful commercial connections.
  • Recognize how to guide the organization by offering strategic guidance and vision.

Targeted Audience

  • Senior Managers
  • Middle Managers
  • Identified Leadership Talent and High Potential Personnel

Course Outline

Unit 1: Leadership: Self-Awareness to Growth

  • Defining Leadership
  • Competencies of Great Leaders
  • Leadership Styles, Attributes and Qualities
  • VUCA Leadership: The New Normal
  • Personal Power and Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-understanding to SWOT
  • Leadership Assessment


Unit 2: Positivity in Interaction and Influence: Leading

  • Creating a Psychology of Personal Interaction and Motivation for Positive Inspirational Leadership
  • Important Interpersonal and Engagement Strategies
  • Influence Techniques and Skills
  • How to work the room in social networking?
  • Social Negotiation: An Art

Unit 3: Leadership for Sustainable Growth

  • Creating an Environment for Growth
  • Forming Vision and Values
  • Defining Organisational Aims, Goals, and Targets
  • Developing and Cascading Clear Business Objectives
  • Communicating the Message as a Leader


Unit 4: Client Relationship Building

  • Defining Your Key Clients and Customers
  • 5 Key Fundamentals of Lasting Client Building
  • Networking and Business Influence
  • Social Media and Business Communication to Build Relationships
  • Developing Long-term Partnerships through Trust and Integrity

Unit 5: Leading Organisational Success

  • Leading through Change
  • Strategic and Future Planning
  • Organisational Planning: Succession Planning for a sustainable future
  • Celebrating Organisational Success
  • Next Steps

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