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The Law Firm Partner As Leadership



The competitive pressures on law firm partners in Europe have never been greater. And as these pressures intensify further in the current economic climate, the temptation of many will be to focus on client-facing work rather than on the more challenging aspects of leadership and management.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Integrated leadership and the motivational dynamics of lawyers

  • Law firm strategies: practice segmentation; aligning the firm’s practices, people and resources

  • Leadership styles: becoming an effective role model, coach and mentor

  • High performance teams: making your teams even more effective

  • Leadership and values: the power of personal example; leadership and change

  • Leading and sustaining change in the firm.

Targeted Audience:

  • Law firm partners

  • Those in leadership and management positions such as managing partners, members of partnership boards and other firm-wide management committees, practice area heads, industry sector heads

  • Those in line to take up leadership and management positions and responsibilities.

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: Partners’ Leadership Styles and the Firm’s Culture

  • Understanding the components of organizational climate and how they impact commercial success

  • An exploration of the components and characteristics of different leadership styles, including coercive, pace-setting, affiliative, visionary/authoritative, democratic, and coaching styles, and how they impact culture and climate

  • Time usage and the Partner responsibilities

Unit 2: Developing a Coaching Style of Leadership

  • Blending the different styles of leadership for creativity and innovation

  • Lifting the coachee’s thinking from tactical to strategic

  • Applying coaching approaches as part of a broader leadership style, whether or not in the context of a designated “coaching” session

Unit 3: Building and Maintaining Stronger Client Relationships 1

  • Increased confidence in your leadership ability and management skills
  • Practical case studies to identify principles and reinforce the learning

  • Gain practical concepts and frameworks

  • Translate frameworks into day-day business responsibilities

Unit 4: Building Stronger Partner Relations

  • Build a network with other law firm partners

  • Firms across Europe and elsewhere in the world

  • Employee Engagement

  • Employee Benefits

  • Flexible benefit systems and Cafeteria rewards

  • The role of Pensions

Unit 5: Creativity & Innovation

  • Formulating the issue/question requiring creativity/innovation

  • Managing the generation of new ideas

  • Selecting and developing ideas to produce innovation

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