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The Leadership of Inclusion



Inclusion fosters innovation and economic growth in the workplace. You will learn to identify and eliminate the subtle, yet deeply ingrained practices that can obstruct inclusion in your workforce in this cutting-edge training session. Creating an environment at work where everyone feels welcome and can contribute to their full capacity is what inclusion is all about.

The financial case for inclusion is strong, and research demonstrates a direct link between successful outcomes and diverse teams and inclusive work environments.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe what inclusion means.
  • Showcase strategies for reducing obstacles to a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Make the case for being accepted by your organization.
  • Describe the removal of ingrained behaviors that prevent inclusion.
  • Review your understanding of various cultures as it relates to your business.

Targeted Audience

  • Human Resource (HR) Professionals
  • Learning & Development Staff
  • HR Business Partners
  • Talent Management Specialists
  • All Leaders, Managers & Supervisors
  • Any professional who needs to develop their skills in inclusion and diversity management

Course Outline

Unit 1: From Diversity to Inclusion: The Transition

  • The environment of the workplace for inclusion, diversity, and equality
  • transforming diversity into inclusion
  • What are inclusive behaviors and inclusion?
  • Benefits and potential drawbacks
  • identifying and eliminating ingrained behaviors that limit inclusion


Unit 2: Managing Cross-Cultural Challenges 

  • Your cultural map
  • The meaning and types of culture
  • Women and men – Cultural Differences
  • Multi-cultural teams and teamwork
  • How to improve your Cultural Intelligence (CI)

Unit 3: Work Practices to Improve Inclusion in Your Workplace 

  • The most significant challenges to implementing an inclusion strategy
  • What gets measured, gets done
  • Upgrading your HR practices to support inclusion
  • Recruitment practices supporting diversity
  • Training and development interventions

Unit 4: Making Use of Diversity and Inclusion

  • How prejudice is a barrier to progress
  • The business case's justification
  • How to use diversity to its fullest advantage
  • How to match individual demands with organizational needs
  • Real-world illustrations of effective inclusion initiatives and solutions

Unit 5: Promoting the Business Case for Inclusion 

  • The business case for inclusion
  • Identifying and involving all stakeholders
  • Are there any embedded practices that can’t be removed?
  • Presenting your case to top management
  • Personal action planning

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