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The Manpower Planning Masterclass (Certified Manpower Planner)



Manpower Planning is now a critical factor in the longer-term ability of International businesses to compete globally. It is now seen as a key business requirement, organizations must have a clear strategy, to support the Manpower Planning process, we will discuss many real-life strategies and approaches.

Having a clear strategy will enable informed decisions to be made to achieve a balanced approach, how to assess and when to develop current staff or, actively recruiting external candidates into the company to satisfy future requirements.

In this Masterclass, we will consider how to maximize the use of resources to develop the right people at the right time for the future demands on the business. Having attended the Masterclass you will have gained sufficient knowledge and insights to put them into practice immediately after the program 

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to predict and therefore manage future trends 
  • Consider the balance between managing individuals careers and business needs
  • Appreciate the relationship between operational and human resource management
  • Be able to use the most appropriate approach to your business manpower planning process
  • Develop your process management skills to maximize the use of resources
  • Learn and be able to implement new dynamic manpower planning systems
  • Consider several strategic models for manpower planning
  • Be able to convert predictive data into a monetary value
  • Re-energize interviewing, appraisal processes, and systems
  • Create a methodology to present business information effectively
  • Be aware of organizational measurement tools and those that can be applied to individuals
  • Develop business techniques to manage the manpower planning process
  • Plan and implement action plans for self and individuals/managers involved in the Manpower Planning process

Targeted Audience:

  • HR Specialists in Resourcing, Talent, and Succession and L&D
  • HR Business Partners
  • Finance People Involved in Planning, Strategic Cost Control
  • Line Managers with Responsibility for Talent Management
  • Senior Managers with responsibility for resourcing their Department / Division / Business
  • Senior Managers with Responsibility for Defining and Developing Organizational Strategy

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: The Dynamic Role of Manpower Planning:

  • HR models and how to satisfy potential future organizational structures
  • The growing business importance of HR manpower planning (HRMP)
  • The changing shape of organizations and work requirements - the effects on today’s organization
  • Trends - right-sizing; what’s appropriate - use of decision-making tools and examples
  • The four main areas of manpower planning - Strategic focus, Data and analysis, manpower planning, and people development including a case study

Unit 2: The Strategic Focus on Manpower Planning From First Principals:

  • The new HR strategic map
  • How to use a strategic template 
  • Measuring organizational maturity - a trigger for manpower planning activities
  • Converting strategy into workable plans, the collection, and analysis of business data to trigger appropriate action - including exercise
  • Techniques for delivering on time and within budget

Unit 3: Manpower, Forecasting, and Trend Analysis: 

  • Understanding trends
  • Use of predictive software to support the supply of manpower
  • How to measure relationships and understand results
  • The need for using unit costs
  • Individual measurements, exactly how competencies are structured
  • Managing expectations and individual’s needs
  • Measuring and forecasting individuals performance using behavioral techniques

Unit 4: Manpower Supply - Business Planning and Manpower Re-Engineering:

  • Selecting the “right” principal for manpower supply
  • Consider the three approaches to succession planning
  • The use of pre-selection for key posts - the role of psychometric testing, emotional intelligence assessment center’s, agreements and visual development maps
  • Business review – why manpower planning should be considered and where it has an impact

Unit 5: Making the Manpower Planning Process Fit Together to Maximize Results: 

  • The use of management tools and techniques to achieve maximum effect
  • Why performance appraisals on their own don’t work for selection into development pools
  • Three approaches, talent pool, individual selection and headhunting
  • The cooperation needed to achieve the business benefits
  • How the whole manpower planning process should ‘fit’ together

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