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The Open Group Architecture Framework TOGAF



This program is designed to prepare participants for the certification exam only.

This training program focuses on equipping participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills in enterprise architecture. Participants will learn the principles, methodologies, and tools provided by TOGAF to develop and manage enterprise architectures effectively. It empowers them to align business strategies with IT goals and drive organizational transformation through structured architectural approaches.

Program Objectives:

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the core concepts and principles of TOGAF.

  • Gain proficiency in applying TOGAF methodologies to enterprise architecture development.

  • Learn to develop architecture artifacts and governance frameworks.

  • Develop skills in creating and implementing enterprise architecture roadmaps.

  • Prepare for TOGAF certification exams.

Target Audience:

  • Enterprise architects and IT architects.

  • Business analysts and systems analysts.

  • IT managers and project managers.

  • Professionals involved in IT strategy and governance.

Program Outline:

Unit 1:

Introduction to Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF:

  • Overview of Enterprise Architecture (EA) and its Importance.

  • Introduction to TOGAF: History, Purpose, and Scope.

  • Core Concepts: Architecture Development Method (ADM) and Architecture Content Framework.

  • TOGAF Certification Paths and Benefits.

  • Integration of TOGAF with other Frameworks (Zachman Framework).

Unit 2:

Architecture Development Method (ADM):

  • Phases of the ADM Cycle: Preliminary, Architecture Vision, Business Architecture, Information Systems Architectures, Technology Architecture.

  • Techniques and Tools used in each ADM Phase.

  • Tailoring TOGAF for Different Architectural Styles and Needs.

  • Case Studies on Successful TOGAF Implementations.

Unit 3:

Architecture Governance and Artifacts:

  • Architecture Governance Framework.

  • Developing Architecture Views and Viewpoints.

  • Architecture Building Blocks (ABBs) and Solution Building Blocks (SBBs).

  • Architecture Repository and Metadata Management.

  • Compliance and Quality Assurance in Architecture Development.

Unit 4:

Enterprise Continuum and Tools:

  • Enterprise Continuum: Foundation, Common Systems Architectures, Industry Architectures, Organization-Specific Architectures.

  • Tools and Techniques for Architecture Modeling and Analysis.

  • Architecture Patterns and Reuse.

  • Managing Change in Enterprise Architectures.

  • Technology Trends and Innovations in Enterprise Architecture Tools.

Unit 5:

Implementing and Sustaining Enterprise Architecture:

  • Implementing TOGAF in Organizations: Challenges and Considerations.

  • Stakeholder Engagement and Communication Strategies.

  • Monitoring and Measuring Architecture Effectiveness.

  • Continuous Improvement and Evolution of Enterprise Architectures.

  • Exam Preparation Tips and Preparation for TOGAF Certification.

Note: This program is designed to prepare participants for the certification exam only.

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