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The Power of Leaders



The Power of Leaders training program will provide you a targeted growth in leadership while examining the psychological and behavioral requirements to effectively lead in the quickly evolving society of today. Only the best ideas from research, theories, consideration of the behaviors and characteristics of effective leaders, and utilization of contemporary psychology. The training program will show participants how to put the lessons they have learned into practice and how to apply the tactics they have learned to become effective modern leaders.

Course objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Determine and use effective leadership behaviors
  • Utilize your leadership skills to encourage and assist people to produce remarkable results.
  • Recognize psychological techniques for persuasion, trust, and honesty
  • Establish trusting workplace connections to increase influence and leverage
  • Create a compelling vision to guide your aspirations and those of others in achieving your goals.
  • Take your cues from the top thinkers, concepts, and leadership styles.

Targeted Audience

  • Senior Executives/Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Managers
  • Those identified as High Potential and Talent

Course Outline

Unit 1: Developing Your Influence, Inspiration, and Engagement Skills

  • Key Elements and the Psychology of Inspiration in Leaders
  • Winning Hearts and Minds Using the Influence Model
  • Leaders Use Advanced Questioning Methods
  • Advancing Active Listening
  • Change the negative and the contributors to the positive
  • Utilizing Persuasion Psychology


Unit 2: Building Perseverance and Determination to Succeed

  • The Importance of Leadership Perseverance and Determination
  • Harnessing The Power of The Solution Focused Approach to Lead
  • Developing Your Self-Knowledge and Awareness
  • Defining You: Drawing on Your Inner Power and Values
  • How To Maximise Your Positive Mental Strength
  • Pushing The Boundaries: The Alternative Box


Unit 3: Enabling Others to Succeed

  • Creating The Clear Vision: Clarity of Purpose
  • Empowering Others Through the Vision
  • Applying Delegative Leadership to Problem Situations
  • Unlocking Creative Ideas and Maximizing Innovation
  • Powerful Idea Generating Model for Groups
  • Encourage And Mentor: Inspire Positive Belief in Others

Unit 4: Optimizing Your Leadership Power

  • What Defines a Leader?
  • Identifying Your Leadership Baseline (Leadership Assessment Profile)
  • The 3 Leadership Factors Shared by All Leaders
  • Building Trust and Integrity as A Leader
  • Taking Emotional Intelligence to The Next Level
  • Using Change as Catalyst for Good

Unit 5: Strategic Relationship Building & The Power of Networking

  • Why Strategic and Working Relationships Matter
  • Strategic Relationship Management and Stakeholder Mapping
  • Gain The Benefits of The Importance and Influence Grid
  • The Formalities of Networking (social media, Seminars Etc.)
  • How To ‘Work the Room’ For Maximum Effect
  • Follow Up – Or Give Up: Connecting with Others

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