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The Strategic Leadership Programme



With a wider perspective, a better grasp of strategic thinking and decision-making, as well as personal awareness of their leadership style, the curriculum seeks to create more skilled leaders. Leaders that are more prepared for future executive level team responsibilities, have sharper strategic insight, and can lead throughout the organization will benefit institutions.

The crucial function of developing a vision for your organization's future and how to compel others to share it will be examined. You will create your own unique strategy for what leadership means to you, what it means to your company, and how you may grow leadership through the use of assessment tools in conjunction with the information and skills learned in the preceding modules.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Create a successful strategy to reach your business objectives.
  • Recognize the part emotional intelligence plays in leadership.
  • Bring back a useful leadership toolkit.
  • Create a more dynamic strategy by improving your strategic creativity
  • Discover the fundamentals of strategic leadership.
  • Make wise choices in challenging circumstances.
  • Adapt their leadership approach to their organization's and teams' demands
  • learn how to foster a culture of empowerment
  • Utilize innovative strategic tactics to have a positive influence.
  • Inspire transformation within your group and company.
  • Take on both radical and gradual change
  • Send out messages to have an impression.

Targeted Audience

  • Senior managers and those middle managers who are on the fast track to senior positions
  •  Both public and private sector individuals and all senior managers, executives and directors who understand the benefits both personally and professionally of developing strategic leadership skills.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Leadership VS management

  • Recognize the management and leadership competencies.
  • How can we know when to "lead" and when to "manage"?
  • effective management.
  • establishing the relationship between leadership and the environment it fosters.

Unit 2: The power of a compelling vision.

  • Vision, mission, strategy and tactics.
  • Communicating with passion – bringing your people with you.
  • Techniques of upward and downward communication.
  • The use of logic and emotion.
  • Developing an organisational influencing strategy.

Unit 3: Using a political "tour de force" to effectively influence your organization is ethical.

  • methods for thwarting immoral and selfish behavior.
  • within our organizations, defining politics.
  • putting defensive and offensive strategies into practice.
  • Maintain control across, sideways, and up.
  • Map out and identify your inner circle.
  • Apply political strategy, both offensive and defensive

Unit 4: 

  • Understand the psychology of change.
  • Dealing with resistance to change.
  • Case study of major change story.
  • Applying the process to your own situation.

Unit 5:

  • Strategic Influences – what should you consider?
  • Communicating a strategy to ensure success.
  • Change management: What works – and what doesn’t.
  • Exploiting strategy as a framework for change initiatives.
  • Identifying the right change strategies for your company.

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