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Strategic Leadership Mastery



This training program is designed to empower participants with advanced strategic leadership skills. Through a combination of theoretical learning and practical exercises, attendees will learn to formulate and execute high-impact strategies.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Improve leadership and strategic management techniques.

  • Improve the ability to respond to change and uncertainty with resilience and adaptation.

  • Recognize and handle leadership chances and obstacles more skillfully.

  • Recognize and put into practice leadership techniques from some of the most recognized firms in the world.

  • Change the business to accept possibilities and challenges.

  • Develop team to deliver continual improvement that adds value.

Targeted Audience:

  • General Managers and Heads of Department.

  • Project, Programme, or Portfolio, Managers who need a more strategic view.

  • Front-line Managers under pressure to do more with less.

  • Senior Managers charged with transforming their department or division.

  • Human Resource Professionals who need to be up to date on good leadership practice.

Program Outline:

Unit 1:

The Current Context of Leadership:

  • Definitions of Leadership.

  • Double Loop Learning.

  • Rational and Non-rational Approaches.

  • Leadership of Groups and Organisations.

  • Transformational Change.

Unit 2:

Analysing and Solving Complex Problems:

  • The Difference between Simple and Complex Problems.

  • Understanding Complexity.

  • Solving Complex Problems with Systems Thinking.

  • Creative Thinking Techniques.

  • Analysing, Preparing and Winning Arguments.

Unit 3:

Powering Your Team to High Performance:

  • New Approaches to Teamwork.

  • Elements of Effective Teams.

  • Decision-Making: Choosing the Best Strategy to Suit Your Circumstances.

  • Achieving Alignment with The Corporate Vision and Mission.

  • Changing Your Measurement System to Build Commitment and Enthusiasm.

  • Identifying a “balanced” Set of Key Performance Indicators.

  • Recognition and Rewards .

Unit 4:

Leading the Charge:

  • Becoming an Agent of Change.

  • Alternative Strategies to Deal with Conflict.

  • Choosing The Best Approach for Your Situation.

  • Building A Model for Influencing Change: Lessons from The Eagle.

  • Understanding and Leveraging Your Power Base.

  • The Power of Humility.

  • Getting into The Head and Heart of those who are Intransigent.

  • Producing Win-Win Outcomes.

Unit 5:

Alignment: Linking Strategy to Operations:

  • Overview of a Strategic Management System.

  • Measuring Results.

  • Foundations for Success: Strategic Leadership.

  • Business Process Management Concepts.

  • Describing and Realizing improvements using Process Models.

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