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The Three-Dimensions of Leadership



The Three-Dimensions of Leadership training program teaches participants from the boardroom to the mailroom how to support organizational goals in every circumstance by identifying and concentrating on the mission that matters most, working with the four different employee types to mobilize them as resources, and forming a team that negotiates the larger organizational channels and politics to convert within the context.

By recognizing and upholding the Three-Dimensional Mission, Resources, and Context (3-D MRC) viewpoint and emphasis, in which all organizational success is rooted, The Three-Dimensions of Leadership will teach leaders how to address every scenario at work. No matter how senior a position you hold or whether you are up for your first supervisory promotion, the course will give you the frame of reference, fundamental principles, and perspectives you need to lead well in any circumstance.

Course objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Utilize best practices as a multi-group leader, program manager, or supervisor by recognizing and describing the Three Dimensions of Leadership.
  • To accomplish continuous improvement, put the 3-M's of change management into practice.
  • Recognize and take part in the effective procedures that lead to successful organizational outcomes.
  • Create a strong leadership development culture and organize it in a positive work environment.

Targeted Audience

  • Who are tasked to lead both people and processes and will assist a wide range of professionals from every field .

Course Outline

Unit 1:

  • New organizational leadership conceptual model
  • Organizational leadership's function
  • reconcile the objectives or desires of subordinates with the demands of the organization's tasks

Unit 2:

  • Items from factor analytic studies that have high loadings on each of the three hypothesized dimensions of leader behavior are used to demonstrate each dimension.
  • Dimension of task orientation
  • Displays the theoretical model with the listed three dimensions.

Unit 3:

  • The Triple-T Delegation Dynamics: Timing, Trust, Supervision, and Training The 4 Employee Types for Successful Working Partnerships
  • The 3-C's of Emotional Intelligence: Developing Them: Cooperation, coordination, and dialogue

Unit 4:

  • Initiating Incentive Awards That Motivate & Inflate Individual & Team Performance
  • The 3-M’s of Change Management: the right Motivation, Map, and Message
  • The 5-Factors of Out-of-the-Box Thinking That Accomplish Innovation

Unit 5:

  • Negotiating The Organization’s Big Picture, Political & Operational Context
  • Becoming 3-D SEM Masters Who Submit Ego to the Mission
  • Developing & self-assessing your 3-D leadership profile


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