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The Value of Positive Workplace Ethics on Productivity



In this training course, participants will define good work ethics in the context of their own organizations and learn the methods for developing an atmosphere that fosters the growth of such ethics. Additionally, participants will learn how to develop effective workflows and processes, which are crucial conduits for work ethics to favorably impact the productivity of individual contributors, teams, and the business as a whole.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Create an environment where work ethics can flourish
  • Utilize abilities that will help you lead teams and individuals to success.
  • Develop work procedures that translate ethical behavior into greater productivity and efficiency.
  • Utilize leadership strategies that increase team productivity.
  • Make sure staff members continue to be able to deliver excellent performance.

Targeted Audience

  • People Managers, Team Leaders, and Supervisors
  • Mid-Level and Senior Leaders
  • Training & Development Professionals
  • HR Business Partners
  • Talent Management Professionals

Course Outline

Unit 1: Leadership Styles that Support a High Level of Productivity

  • Self-awareness in leadership as a basis for success
  • The effectiveness of motivating strategies
  • Differentiating between theory X and theory Y behavior
  • Influencing for increased productivity and performance
  • using effective leadership communication techniques

Unit 2: Defining Your Organisation’s Work Ethic 

  • Mindset – The foundation for creating a team with positive work ethics
  • Work ethics and team productivity – Linking input and output
  • Defining work ethics within the context of your organisation
  • Leveraging the ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ for success
  • How to build competence, connection, and autonomy


Unit 3: Techniques for Creating a High-Productivity Climate 

  • Understanding your organisational climate
  • Applying the ‘T12 Model’ of performance enablement
  • Harnessing the power of coaching to instill positive work ethics
  • The role of feedback on performance and productivity
  • Mentoring others for success


Unit 4: Optimising Processes and Workflows for High Performance 

  • The performance management process
  • Applying the retrospective position for continuous improvement
  • Active listening with Scharmer’s ‘Theory U’
  • Leveraging the systemic loop technique
  • Leading effective and productive meetings


Unit 5: Balancing a Strong Work Ethic with Employee Wellbeing 

  • How to recognise the signs of burn-out
  • Techniques for combating employee burn-out
  • Balancing challenge and support
  • Consolidating key learning points and insights
  • Next Steps

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