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Trend Micro Apex One Training



The Trend Micro Apex OneTM training will teach you how to use it. The basic architecture, security features, deployment scenarios, and troubleshooting are covered in detail in this course. Participants gain practical experience installing Apex One security features and the administrative tools required for a smooth rollout and ongoing support through hands-on labs.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, participants will be able to :

  • Describe the goals, characteristics, features, and skills of Apex One.
  • Give a list of the parts that make up Apex One.
  • Utilize security agents to implement security
  • Setup and management of Apex One servers and agents
  • Employing Trend Micro Apex Central, deploy Apex One policies.
  • Troubleshoot typical problems

Targeted Audience

This course is designed for IT professionals responsible for protecting endpoint computers from data breaches and targeted attacks.

This includes those involved with: Operations - Deployment - Security Response - Compliance.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Apex One Overview

  •  Trend Micro solutions 
  •  Key features of Apex One
  • Apex One components
  • Deployment methods
  • Threat detection

Unit 2: Apex One Server

  •  Apex One Server tasks
  • Apex One Server services and components
  • Configuration repositories
  • Installing/upgrading Apex One Server
  • Apex One plug-ins and utilities

Unit 3: Protecting Endpoint Computers from Malware

  • Scanning for malware
  • Scan settings
  • Quarantining malware
  • Smart Scan
  • Spyware/grayware protection
  • Preventing outbreaks

Unit 4: Troubleshooting Apex One services 

  • Troubleshooting sample submission  Apex One
  • Debugging the Apex One Server and Agents
  • Troubleshooting communication issues
  • Troubleshooting virus infection
  • Troubleshooting Apex One services
  • Troubleshooting sample submission

Unit 5: Security Agents

  • Security Agent tasks
  • Security Agent services and components
  • Security Agent tree
  • Installing Agents
  • Migrating from other endpoint security software
  • Agent-to-Server/Server-to-Agent communication
  • Endpoint location
  • Moving Security Agents
  • Uninstalling Security Agents
  • Agent settings and grouping
  • Agent self-protection
  • Agent privileges

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