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UAE / Child Laws and Rights



Children are the future of any society, and ensuring their rights and protection is paramount. In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), there are specific laws and regulations in place to safeguard the rights of children and promote their well-being. This training program aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of UAE child laws and rights, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to advocate for and uphold children's rights in various contexts.

Program Objectives:

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the legal framework governing child rights in the UAE.

  • Familiarize participants with the rights guaranteed to children under UAE law.

  • Explore the role of stakeholders in promoting and protecting child rights.

  • Identify challenges and best practices in implementing child rights policies.

  • Empower participants to become advocates for children's rights in their communities and workplaces.

Targeted Audience: 

  • Lawyers and legal professionals.

  • Social workers.

  • Educators and school administrators.

  • Health care professionals.

  • NGO and community organization staff.

  • Government officials and policymakers.

  • Parents and caregivers.


Unit 1:

Introduction to UAE Child Laws and Rights:

  • Overview of international conventions and treaties on child rights

  • Evolution of child rights legislation in the UAE

  • Key provisions of UAE Federal Law on Child Rights

  • Understanding the concept of "best interests of the child"

  • Case studies and discussions on child rights violations in the UAE

Unit 2:

Legal Protections and Safeguards for Children:

  • Rights to education, health care, and a safe environment

  • Child protection measures against abuse, neglect, and exploitation

  • Legal mechanisms for reporting and addressing child rights violations

  • Role of law enforcement and judicial system in protecting children

  • Interactive scenario-based exercises on applying child protection laws

Unit 3:

Children in the Family and Society:

  • Rights of children within the family structure

  • Parental responsibilities and obligations towards children

  • Child custody and guardianship laws in the UAE

  • Addressing challenges faced by children in vulnerable situations

  • Guest speakers: Perspectives from child welfare experts and advocates

Unit 4:

Education and Child Development:

  • Access to quality education for all children in the UAE

  • Inclusive education and support for children with disabilities

  • Early childhood development and learning initiatives

  • Role of schools and educators in promoting child rights

  • Developing child-friendly educational materials and programs

Unit 5:

Advocacy and Action for Child Rights:

  • Strategies for effective advocacy and awareness-raising on child rights issues.

  • Collaboration and networking with stakeholders in child welfare.

  • Monitoring and evaluation of child rights initiatives and programs.

  • Empowering children as agents of change in their communities.

  • Action planning: Implementing child rights initiatives in participants' organizations or communities.

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