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Human Resource Development Business Skills & Best Practices



If you're an HR and training professional looking for a course that lets you put your new learning into practice right away, Human Resource Development and Training Management course is for you.

This work-based learning program will give you the skills and knowledge you need for a career in strategic, tactical, and operational Human Resource Development (HRD). If you're already working as a manager, you'll learn how to manage HRD within the wider human resources and business context.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) to HR professionals and apply simple techniques to develop their emotional quotients
  • Deliver balanced and well structured public speeches with ease and confidence after learning how to deal with public speaking anxiety and subduing its effects
  • Describe the differences between influencing and persuading and use the best techniques in applying them in HR work-related situations
  • Apply effective creative problem-solving techniques that will help them make the right decisions at work
  • List the main differences between finance and accounting
  • Use various budgeting techniques and apply them immediately in HR-related scenarios

Targeted Audience:

  • HRD specialist
  • HR manager
  • Training manager
  • Training consultant
  • Benefits analyst
  • Human resource management (HRM)
  • Human resource officer
  • Human resource systems manager
  • Personnel adviser
  • Recruitment consultant
  • Training and development coordinator

Course Outlines:

Unit 1:

  • Introduction
  • Aligning HR Objectives with Organizational Mission
  • Vision
  • Strategic Objectives
  • Quality Policies.

Unit 2:

  • Understanding Organizational Objectives.
  • Business Environment.
  • Business Needs.
  • HR Strategic Plans.
  • HR Business Processes.

Unit 3:

  • Implementing Good & Best Practices in HR Processes.
  • Customer-Centric Management.
  • HR General Good Management Practices.
  • Leadership in HR.

Unit 4:

  • Leadership Processes.
  • Leadership Activities some Ideas.
  • HR Best Practice Processes.
  • Exceeding "Customer" Expectations Ideas for HR.
  • Improvements Implementation System for HR.

Unit 5:

  • IT Systems & Processes for HR Productivity & Customer Satisfaction.
  • Fast-tracking Change & Improvements.
  • Workshop: Preparing an Action Plan for Implementing Improvements in your Organization.
  • Recommendations.

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