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Seminar: Leadership - Master Class



The program opens by exploring the key leadership skills and how to apply them in the organization. Using this initial analysis, the program explores managing yourself as a leader, leading a team, creating breakthroughs through innovative leadership, communicating effectively with others, and imparting leadership values to your team members. All attendees will return to their organizations better equipped to meet the challenges and demands of leadership.

This is a fast-paced, dynamic, and highly informative advanced leadership program. It seeks to develop and enhance your personal, team, and organizational leadership skills.

Course Objectives:

At the end of this course the participants will be able to: 

  • Learn practical leadership tools and techniques that can be applied immediately.
  • Understand the importance of leadership influence on the team.
  • Develop effective communication skills.
  • Identify ways to generate breakthrough ideas and methods for the team.
  • Identify value-based leadership principles to apply in the workplace.

Targeted Audience:

  • Senior Leaders
  • Aspiring Leaders
  • Senior Manager
  • Middle Managers looking to increase their skill-set
  • Team Leaders and Workplace Leaders
  • HR Professionals and Senior Technical Heads
  • Project Managers

Course Outlines:

Unit 1: Managing Myself as a Leader:

  • Importance of perception
  • Intrapersonal & interpersonal skills for the leader
  • Your preferred behavioral style
  • Understanding the Model for leadership
  • Removing emotional blind-spots

Unit 2: Leading a Team:

  • Dealing with others
  • Understanding the stages of human development
  • Optimizing the leader's natural strengths
  • Understanding team processes
  • Building effective teams

Unit 3: Innovative Leadership:

  • Openness to innovative ideas
  • Divergent thinking skills
  • Removing blocks to creativity
  • Understanding the creative process
  • Metaphors and analogies for innovative thinking

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