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Seminar: Mega Management



Mega management is a branch of business administration that focuses on the development, planning, and brand building of media enterprises. Mega Management is a digital media that creates transformative technology for superstars. The first address for your online success good ideas and great products needs the right name and an internet address.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • MEGA Architecture
  • MEGA System Oriented IT Architecture
  • MEGA System Blueprint
  • MEGA Database Builder
  • MEGA Control & Risk

Targeted Audience

  • Application Portfolio managers
  • Project managers
  • Media managers
  • Marketing Managers

Course Outline

Unit 1: 

  • Learn how to use MEGA system blueprint to capture business requirements for system design.
  • Learn to integrate user interface design in service analysis
  • Optimize the structure of a relational database and generate the corresponding SQL script.
  • Learn to integrate user interface design in service analysis

Unit 2: 

  • Apply MEGA’s methodology for managing NAF architecture projects, with a focus on analysis and design of Resources architecture and Service Orientations.
  • Configure the MetaModel and modeling platform
  • Customize the existing model and create a new model to suit your specific requirements
  • Develop a management decision roadmap to optimize cost/benefits and minimize risks over application life-cycles

Unit 3: 

  • Learn techniques for effective repository data and user management.
  • Perform relevant analyses to identify problems and cost-saving opportunities.
  • MEGA offers customized training to support the Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions you have deployed.
  • Understand, through concrete examples and a series of exercises, the value added by the MEGA repository, including integrated modeling rules, document generation, and analysis reports.

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