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Strategic Thinking for the CXO



You will learn how to design and put into practice ways to establish and retain a competitive advantage throughout this five-day program, especially in the face of a highly uncertain environment.

You will learn how to use strategic frameworks, models, and tools to design, assess, and improve strategies as well as the fundamental ideas and practices related to strategy formulation, evaluation, and execution. You will analyze challenging, real-world business challenges through case studies throughout the curriculum as you learn how to build original, strategic solutions.

Course Objectives

  • Study the fundamental ideas behind the creation, implementation, and execution of strategies.
  • Learn how to create, assess, and enhance your strategy by utilizing strategic frameworks, models, and tools.
  • Through the investigation of actual case studies, you can learn how to generate innovative, strategic solutions for your own company.
  • Find out how to spot the turning points that herald significant, systemic events like digital transformation and pandemics.

Targeted Audience

  • Corporate Strategy Heads who need to monitor and report on new growth opportunities, areas for achieving efficiency and advising organisational strategy
  • Strategy Consultants advising clients on business transformation and growth, as well as mapping out business recovery strategies.
  • CXOs responsible for short- and long-term strategy, growth and business continuity at the firm level
  • Mid- to Senior-Level Management Executives responsible for building a strategic roadmap that is adaptable for any market environment

Course Outline

Unit 1:

  • Describe strategy
  • Frameworks for Creating Breakthrough Strategies
  • competitive advantage

Unit 2:

  • Good vs. Bad Strategy in the 21st Century
  • Understanding the key differences between a good and bad strategy to create a great strategy. 
  • Beyond Industries: Strategy in Ecosystems
  • Introduction to ecosystems

Unit 3:

  • Growth, Competition and Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Exploring the key aspects of managing growth and competition
  •  Corporate Strategy: New Ways of Conceptualising It
  • Get an in-depth understanding of corporate strategy. 
  •  Learning how to establish impact in turbulent times

Unit 4: 

  • Emergent Strategies
  • Learning how to make adjustments to survive and capitalise external environments.
  • Understanding intended and emergent strategies, agility, adaptation & pivoting and the models of management.

Unit 5:

  • Execution and Implementation of Strategy
  •  Master how to execute a strategy to achieve your objectives and the key challenges associated with it.

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